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Editorial Board

Editors in Chief:
Edward L. Fink, Temple University

Joseph Woelfel, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Art Director:
Jeff Zischke, Artist & Designer, owner of Zischke Studios, Scottsdale, Arizona

Managing Editors:
Sarah Swiat, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Hyunjung Kim, Seoul Women's University, Korea

Technical Assistance:
Carolyn Evans, Buffalo, NY




RAH Press is proud to announce an online journal in communication science titled Communication & Science Journal. 

Communication & Science Journal recognizes the central role of communication in science. As Niels Bohr has said, “Science is the observation of phenomena and the communication of the results to others who must check them.” The process of communication among observers in different reference frames accelerating relative to each other gives rise to relativity theory, and the process of communication among observer and very small phenomena gives rise to quantum theory. Clearly, communication lies at the center of science.

The searchable database of articles published by Communication & Science Journal, including full-text downloadable .pdfs (with rare exceptions for selected Classic Series articles), is available at: http://www.galileoco.com/comSciJ/OLD/comSciJ.asp

Occasionally our editors find something already published elsewhere that nonetheless fits the vision of Communication & Science Journal. A list of citations to such articles is available at: OUTLINKcomSciJ.htm







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