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Since the early 1970's Galileo scientists have applied strict scientific principles to the study of human thought, feeling and action. We believe there is only one scientific method, not one for physical and another for social phenomena. Galileo is a system of theory and methods for studying cognitive and cultural processes scientifically.

Why Galileo ?

Students, faculty and analysts at virtually all universities, colleges and businesses have free access to the major software packages such as SPSS, SAS, and the like, and these usually include text mining and text analysis software, such as SPSSĄŻs TextSmart and SASĄŻs Enterprise Miner. So why do these students, faculty and companies pay their own scarce money, even in hard economic times, to buy their own copies of CATPAC II, ThoughtView, Oresme and Galileo?

The answer is simple. Galileo Software is not like other software. Other text analysis software, for example, uses elaborate grammatical rules to parse text, break it into parts of speech, clauses, phrases, and then applies heuristic rules to locate patterns. Other programs employ templates or patterns of commonly found phrases and combinations of words based on careful analysis of many texts by many analysts. What these programs can discover is based on the theories and research of their developers. Even if the theory is completely correct for one language, it wonĄŻt apply to another language, or even to another dialect within the same language.


Catpac, on the other hand, is a unique proprietary algorithm that does not search for previously noted patterns, nor does it apply any rules from any theory. Instead, its unique neural algorithm learns what patterns are in the text as it reads it, just as a human being would. ItĄŻs free of theoretical and personal biases, and independent of the language itĄŻs reading. It works in Chinese, or in French, or in Hindi as well as it does in English or Spanish. There is nothing like Catpac.

Multidimensional Scaling / Perceptual Mapping

All the major software packages contain Multidimensional Scaling/Perceptual Mapping algorithms, so why not use these already available packages instead of paying for Galileos?

Because other generic programs provide a crude approximation of the data in their maps, while Galileo ¨C and only Galileo ¨C provides an exact mapping. Galileo also provides the ability to compare maps across samples and over time, to design strategies for engineering and to track perceptual changes over time. Only Galileo can display multiple samples and multiple time periods in the same map.


All the major software packages contain graphics routines that can display a perceptual map, so why pay to buy ThoughtView when your company or university already provides mapping software free? Because only ThoughtView can display any kind of perceptual map, even non-Euclidean maps. And only ThoughtView can rotate the space in real time so you can get a clear, persuasive picture of the depth and positioning of elements in the space.

Galileo software is not for everyone. Large, mass distribution omnibus statistical and analysis programs are meant to serve everyone, and you can find them everywhere. Galileo software is very specialized, very advanced, and not for everyone. You wonĄŻt find them everywhere, but you will find them where the most advanced leading edge work is being done.



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