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Woelfel, J. (2019). Effects of Differentiation and Association in Galileo Space. Communication & Science Journal, 2019Dec04. (received 2019Mar8)
Anderton, B., Calabrese, C.J., Featherestone, J. D., Barnett, G. A., & Woelfel, J. (2019) Message Strategies to Improve the Image of CRISPR. Communication & Science Journal, 2019Dec3. (received 2019Nov15)
McIntosh, R., Woelfel J., (2019). Precise Measures of Source Credibility as a Multidimensional Concept. Communication & Science Journal, 2019 (received 2019)
Swiat, S. (2018) Text Analysis of Fox News Articles on Unarmed Police Shootings. Communication & Science Journal, 2018Nov1.
Tutzauer, F. (2018). Social Networks and Transitive Indifference Graphs. Communication & Science, 2018Nov.
McIntosh, R., Woelfel, J., Lawal, E., Jr., Lam, C., Cassidy, K., Arth, Z., Hakim, S., . . . Plante, A. (2017). Inertia in cognitive process: Pigs in space redux. Communication & Science Journal, 2017Dec2. (received 2017Nov27)
Iacobucci, A. (2017). Dialog on the foundations of sociological theory. Communication & Science Journal, 2017Mar15. (received 2017Mar13)
Woelfel, J. (2014). Procedures for precise text analysis: Alternative methods for cluster analysis. Communication & Science Journal, 2014May03. (received 2014Apr24)
Lovejoy, K., Catellier, J., Evans, C., Lohiser, A., & Chiu, I-H (2013). Exploring individuals' Social Value Orientation and decisions in a Prisoner's Dilemma. Communication & Science Journal, 2013Jan10. (received 2013Jan03) 2
Lovejoy, K. E. (2013). Galileo System: Current method and applications. Communication & Science Journal, 2013Jul29. (received 2013Jul27)
Saxton, G. D., & Guo, C. (2012). Conceptualizing web-based stakeholder communication: The organizational website as a stakeholder relations tool. Communication & Science Journal, 2012Dec18. (received 2012Dec13)
Lee, H. J., & Woelfel, J. (2012). Self, information topics of interest, and information seeking media use among Korean young adults. Communication & Science Journal, 2012Feb06. (received 2011Oct11)
Evans, C. (2012). Images of emotion versus emotion words. Communication & Science Journal, 2012Apr21. (received 2012Apr21)
Vishwanath, A., Egnoto, M. J., Ortega, C. R. (2012). A retrospective analysis of Common Method Variance in communication research. Communication & Science Journal, 2012Sep12. (received 2012Sep10)
Vishwanath, A. (2011). Global differences in internet diffusion: An empirical investigation into the effects of culture on the diffusion of the internet. Communication & Science Journal, 2011Nov20. (received 2011Nov05)
Chen, H., Evans, C., Battleson, B., Zubrow, E., Woelfel, J. (2011). Procedures for the precise analysis of massive textual datasets. Communication & Science Journal, 2011Oct10. (received 2011Jul23)
Cary, J. & Pisarski, A. (2011). Social benchmarking as a basis for communication programs to improve river health. Communication & Science Journal, 2011Jul22. (received 2011Jul09)
Lackaff, D., Kozey, R., & Tutzauer, F. (2011). An agent-based model of turnover in a nonprofit organization. Communication & Science Journal, 2011Jul22. (received 2011Jul11)
Woelfel, J., & Barnett, G. A. (1992). Procedures for controlling reference frame effects in the measurement of multidimensional processes. Published by Quality and Quantity, 26, 367-381, recognized by the Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2011, and available at:
Barnett, G. A, Fink, E. L., Chang, H-J. (1988). The adoption and discontinuance of motion picture attendance and monochromatic television, further tests of a mathematical model. Paper presented to the Information Systems Division of the International Communication Association in New Orleans, May-June 1988. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2014.
Sandhaus, D. A., Fink, E. L., Kaplowitz, S. A. (1987). Asymmetry in judgments of similarity. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2012.
Korzenny, F., Stoyanoff, N. J., Ruiz, M., David, A. (1980). Metric multidimensional scaling and automatic message generation applied to the tourism industry: The case of Israel. Published in the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 4, 77-95, recognized by the Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2011, and available at
Brandt, D. R., & Barnett, G. A. (1979). Coding of facial and verbal expressions of emotion: A metric multi-dimensional scaling analysis. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2012.
Serota, K., Cody, M., Barnett, G. A., Taylor, J. (1977). Precise procedures for optimizing campaign communication. Originally published in Communication Yearbook I, 475-491. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2011.
Serota, K. (1976). The generalization and description of a set of equations for point motion in a multidimensional space. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2011. 1
Serota, K., Fink, E. L., Noell, J., Woelfel, J. (1975). Communication, ideology, and political behavior: A multidimensional analysis. Paper presented to the Political Communication Division of the International Communication Association in Chicago, April 23-26, 1975. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2014.
Taylor, J., Barnett, G. A., Serota, K. (1975, April). A multidimensional examination of political attitude change. Originally presented at the International Communication Association, Chicago, IL. Communication & Science Journal, Classic Series 2011.

1 Revised by author in 2011
2 Revised version of work originally presented at the NCA 98th Annual Convention Nov. 15-18, 2012, in Orlando, Florida USA

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